Order teaser

7 november, 2022

In a rush and realize your order will not arrive in time? Don’t worry, we got you! With a simple click, you can now generate a digital order teaser that you can give immediately whilst the real order is on its way.

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to find the perfect gift but you’re completely swamped with stuff at work. Or the kids are sick and you just cannot get away. Or maybe an unexpected event happens that takes up your whole week.

All of a sudden, you realize that the gift you wanted to give won’t be able to arrive in time 😱

What about a digital gift card? Well, gift cards are great if you want to give the recipient the possibility to create their own poster. But many times, our customers really want to give something they have created themselves. That’s why we created the order teaser!

Order teaser

The order teaser is an elegant image showing a blurred, partially hidden print from your own order. It illustrates that something beautiful is on its way to the recipient, without giving away too much! You can easily print it out immediately and give it in a nice envelope, or download it and send it as a digital image.

Order teaser
An example of a personal order teaser

How to generate

You generate your order teaser directly from your order confirmation. Just click button “Generate order teaser” and it will be created for you, using a personal print from your own order! Super easy!

Generate the order teaser directly from your order confirmation

We hope you will like this small new feature. Even if it relieves only a tiny bit of stress, that’s not such a bad thing 😉

//With ❤️ from Wallpoet