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9 Tips to Create Artistic Photography with Your Smartphone

20 desember, 2021

Have you ever considered what it takes to take photos that may be transformed into gorgeous photo art?

When most people think of artistic photography, they think of skilled photographers with expensive cameras. What if we tell you that you can create your own unique photographs just by using your smartphone?

In this post we will discuss our tips on how to take artistic photographs simply with your phone.

Don’t look into the camera

Having the person you photograph look away from the camera will result in more natural, unposed portraits. This can add a feeling of mystery or intrigue to the photo and make it more interesting to look at.

Experiment with different poses

Emotions and feelings can be detected through the use of body language. Let your subject do unique poses that don’t always have to be done in a logical way.

Capture the person’s genuine expressions

Candid photos can be some of the best images to capture the personality of a person and their genuine expressions.

Of course, you need to ask permission before taking pictures of people. To take good candid photos, have your phone camera ready and take photos when they are not aware of it. This occurs when people are resting, playing, conversing, or thinking – at their most peaceful.

Walking away from you

You don’t always have to see the person’s face when you’re photographing them. Take photographs of individuals behind as they walk away from you or from the side in a less common style of portraiture.

Find the right angle

Experiment with shooting from different angles; When photographing children, shooting them from a lower angle can help you convey a more genuine tone and generate a more playful mood in the photo.

High angles may be used to create dramatic and powerful images in landscape photography. To convey the impression of being dwarfed by the scenery, take photos from a high vantage point on a hill or a tall building.

Light is everything

Shadows can create a sense of drama and mystery in a photograph, and they can also be used to hide or disguise certain elements in the shot.

Take a look at some of the shots below to get an idea of what you can accomplish with your lighting and shadows. Experiment with the lights and shadows to come up with unique photographs.

Extreme close-ups give a unique perspective

One way to create artistic photos is by shooting extreme close-ups. This can add an interesting and unique perspective to your photos.

Abstract photos can be of different things, such as plants, architecture, or even people. It’s up to you to decide what you want to focus on and capture in your photos.

Landscape as photo art

To make your landscape photos look more dramatic add motion to the scene. This can be done by photographing moving water, such as a waterfall, or capturing people or animals in the frame.

Or try shooting from a high angle or use the panorama feature in your phone to get more of the scene in your shot.

Draw the viewers attention to your shapes

Take a look around to see if you can discover anything with an intriguing form that you’d want to photograph. It can be the shape of a building, the curve of a rock, or the outline of a tree. Find something that catches your eye!

Bonus tip! Look for inspiration

If you are having trouble finding inspiration, take a look online. Maybe you have seen a friend’s post from a particularly cool location lately. If so, ask them where it was and get some ideas for your own photos.

You may also look for any of the popular fine art photographers to see their photo art:


Artistic photography is not about the quality of your camera, but rather how you use it. These tips will help you take artistic photos with your smartphone that are beautiful and inspiring to look at. Experimenting with different angles, lighting, candid shots or extreme close-ups can make even a simple photo artful and interesting.

We hope these 9 tips have helped inspire you to create more awesome mobile photography!

All the best from us at Wallpoet!