Wallpoet AI

23 november, 2022

Wallpoet’s mission has always been to make it super easy for people to create their own, personal art that has the same high quality in layout, color and print as professional designs.

We have proudly helped tens of thousands of customers to create beautiful art from their photos, and we have barely begun. 

We are now excited to announce our next big step in this mission.

Every once in a while there is a leap in technology that changes the game completely. We saw it with the shift from analog photography to digital photography. We saw it with the smartphone revolution that started with the iPhone. And we’re seeing it now with Generative AI.

Generative AI is a technology that has learned to create brand new, unique content that used to rely on humans. Some examples of what it can create are computer code, natural text or images.

Today, we are releasing a brand new product category built around this technology, that allows you to turn your imagination into beautifully printed wall art:

Say hello to Wallpoet AI.

What this means is really profound:

We’re just in the very early stages of this revolution which we think it’s gonna be really great. And we’re so excited to see what you will create. Oh, did we mention it’s super fun and really addictive?

Come join the ride!

Warm regards,
Erik and the Wallpoet Team