Print Photos to Give Your Living Room a Unique Touch

There are many ways to decorate your living room and give it character. One of the easiest ways is by hanging personalized photo prints on the wall! Living rooms can feel like a sterile place and we want our living spaces to be welcoming, homey, and full of life.

This blog post will show you how to hang large picture frames in different places in your living room as well as some fun ideas for what kind of photos to print out. We hope these tips will make you inspired and help you create a living space that feels more like your own personal sanctuary.

The importance of the living room

Living rooms can also be called sitting room, family room and lounge. Living rooms are usually a place to rest, socialize and entertain in a home. This is the best place in the home for family bonding. Everyone needs an area to come together at the end of the day, whether it’s for cooking dinner or relaxing after work.

Living rooms are also great for entertaining guests, enjoying some quality time with friends, and playing games/reading/watches TV with kids. Your living room is an extension of you and your personality.

Are you unsure of what kind of photos you can print to give your living room that extra personal touch? Here are our tips on what kind of photos to print and how to use them as living room wall decor.

Use your photos as a topic starter

Having guests over can sometimes be stressful. There are many aspects to it– not knowing what to say; it’s their first time visiting your home or you don’t know the visitors well and want to make sure that they enjoy their time at your house.

Intriguing living room wall decor can be a great topic starter for anyone who visits your home. A topic starter is anything that gets people talking.

Photos of you can act as an ice breaker. A photograph of you doing an exciting activity like skydiving, surfing, kayaking, or hiking might be a fantastic wall decor to hang up and use as a topic starter.

If you are not the adventurous type of person, you can have a photo print of you wearing your favorite sports team’s jersey standing in front of the stadium, or a photo of you practicing your hobby.

A photo of you with your best friend can also act as an ice breaker. There are many photos that you could choose from like the two of you doing silly poses, crashing something together, or wearing your favorite shirt.

The right topic starter can give people something to talk about when they visit your home. You want to make it easy for them, but at the same time, you want to make sure that you are comfortable with the topic starter that you choose. Anything can be a topic starter- it’s just a matter of finding the right one for you.

Make your 3 piece photo art your focal wall

A focal point is the center of attention and a focus in a room. If you have a big blank wall in your living room, you could make this your focal wall. You can do this by printing out large photographs and then framing them with an arrangement that links different pieces of art together.

An example of this is a photo of the beach with waves crashing in the background. This can give the effect of panoramic photos, which will make your living room feel larger.

Another option for wall decor is to hang two horizontal lines of photos on opposite walls so they meet in the middle of the room. This will create an effect that forces you to walk through those frames as you enter or leave your living space. It will also give the illusion of light coming from different directions.

Imagine that you have 3 different pieces framed in your home. When they are brought together, they form 1 well-balanced part of your decorating scheme or gallery wall.

This kind of picture is hung together and works best when grouped this way. It brings the wall art to life with its own individual scenes, like you can see one happening right in front of you. This style makes for excellent living room decor!

The size of the picture depends on your preference, but what kind of photo art you want to display in your 3-piece photo art is completely up to you and the atmosphere you want to create in your living room.

Give your furniture a personal character

Photo prints don’t necessarily need to be hung up on the wall, they can be placed on furniture too. This is a great idea for anyone who lives in a small space and doesn’t have a lot of room in their living room, yet wants to add some personal touches to it.

A photo print can be placed on shelves with books, or it can be placed together with other pictures.

You can also place photo prints in your shelving or display cabinets. This is a good way to fill up empty shelf space without having too many objects on display. It’s also a great idea if you’re housing large items that would not otherwise fit in the living room, as it gives them a home without cluttering up the area.

You may also decorate the fireplace mantles with photographs. This is another alternative for giving your living room a personalized touch without occupying too much space. You may have one, two pieces, or more depending on the design, you desire.

By putting family photos in these places you give your furniture a personal character. Place pictures of your family activities, vacations, or other happy memories that you value.

When you have these photos on display in your living room, it will make you feel happy every time you see them. It will also remind you of the good times that you have shared with your family and friends. This way, you may also showcase your family’s uniqueness and character via photographs.

Go outside the box

If you want to go outside the traditional ways of using your wall decor, you can put your big photo frames on the floor as a backdrop for furniture. This is a great idea if you’re living in a small space as it gives otherwise “empty” space a purpose without being cluttered. It also provides an original touch to your decor.

In the event you have an accent wall, displaying a picture frame on the floor is a fantastic way to utilize both. This can also help to create a more cohesive look in your living room.

Give your photos a cohesive look

If you already have a theme for your interior design or interior styling, that you want to apply to your living room wall decor. You can print photos that fit the theme so that the pictures on the wall are cohesive. You can achieve this with a few different tricks.

Using images to set the tone in your living room

For example, you might have what we call “cosy” photos which show people cuddling up with each other on a sofa. These types of photos would fit well in a living room that has cozy furniture or is decorated with warm colors. We have a great filter in our create site named “Coral” which has a soft and warm feeling to it.

Living room inspiration with nature-related wall art

Or maybe you have a lot of neutral colors with nature-related objects in your home. Wall art that matches this aesthetic are free-standing plants, natural landscapes with mountains or waterfalls, close-up shots of natural things, or pictures of wild animals to name a few.

The color palette of these photos is usually neutral with muted earthy tones. Our filter “Mocca” in our design creator could match this kind of aesthetic and can help you get that cohesive look on your photo prints.

Monochromatic interior style

Achieving a cohesive look and feel in your living room doesn’t have to be too complicated. Monochromatic interior styles are usually characterized by a single color, which you can use for both the drapery and the photo prints on the wall.

These types of living rooms are usually decorated with shades of one color or just have simple textiles in that same hue. Living rooms for this type of design usually emphasize the furniture or other pieces like wall decor in the living space.

You can achieve this on your photographs as well, by printing photos in the same hue as the color found in your living space. If you have a big blank wall, you can create a gallery wall and hang artwork, or use another wall decor in the same hue color to decorate the blank space.

The color palette of these living room decor can be all from neutral colors to more bold colors like blue, red, or yellow. It all depends on what you like and what fits your style.

Modern design

In case the monochromatic styling isn’t your cup of tea, maybe your taste is more timeless with a simplistic design.

Modern design is usually considered to be sleek and minimal with a focus on clean lines. Living room walls for this type of design usually emphasize the furniture or other pieces in the living space. Photos in these modern homes would often have a neutral color palette with rich blacks and whites without any additional colors added in post-processing.

A filter that closely resembles this is our filter “Brooklyn” which you can use to help match this kind of interior design. Try this filter on your personal photos through our design creator at Wallpoet, to see which photos work for this style.

To make your prints appear more cohesive, use frames.

To enhance the appearance of your wall art and give it that stunning look, use the same design of frames.

You can go by choosing a simplistic frame like those you can find here at Wallpoet, with a solid color like black, white, or why not pick a wooden frame. This type of simple framing can bring out the beauty in any photo and would be a great addition to your living room wall and make it look cohesive.

If you’re looking for the inspiration to choose the right type of photo to print, simply think about what kind of living room is in your home.


Living room wall decor is a great way to express your personality and style in the home. Living rooms are the heart of your home, so it’s important to make them warm and inviting for your guests but especially for yourself.

If you want wall art in your living room that’s personalized with images from your life, choose a design and style that matches your mood while choosing what to hang.

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Photo prints can be placed in a different part of the room and look different depending on the personality of the owner of the home.

Remember you don’t need to follow all of the interior styling rules, be creative and style your living room based on your personality and taste.

If you’re looking for Living Room Inspiration, we hope these tips will help out!

Best wishes on your journey to personalize your living room with us at Wallpoet!