The Relaxed

“Calm and pleasant”

When at home you want calm flowing through your body. You love the sight of the ocean, a beautiful sky or a a misty forest – high contrast and bold colors are big no no’s! Your colors are muted and stretches towards the colder spectrum (blue, green).

Do you love personal interior decor?

Maybe you’re done with having the same posters as everyone else, or maybe you just want to mix your walls up with something that means something to you?

We call it personal photo art. We were tired of having the same poster motifs as all our friends, but we didn’t want to compromise with the quality of the photo, paper or colors. We therefore created a designer where you can easily create a stylish, personal poster from your own photo by choosing filter, border, text and size.

We believe our filters AIR and FADE would be right up your alley! Try our simple designer by clicking the button!