Valentine’s Day: A Personalized Gift for Your Loved Ones

Valentine’s day is a time to show your loved ones how much you care about them. The day of love is the 14th of February. Valentine’s day gifts are usually given in a box of chocolates, flowers, and other common items.

What if you want to give something more personal? You can give personalized gifts like photo prints or photo posters. These kind of gifts can be used as decor in your home and serve a longer purpose than just one day.

Giving personalized Valentine’s Day presents will make your loved ones feel special on this day. This article gives tips for giving personalized Valentine’s Day presents. We want it to be easier for anyone who wants to give their loved one something special this Valentine season!

What’s the best photo to pick for printing?

How do you know which kind of photo is the best one to print and give away?

A photo can be perfect if it is a great moment or memory with the person you are giving Valentine’s gift to. It could be an event you went to together, time spent in nature, or any other place where memories were made.

Here are our tips on what photos to pick for printing.

Share your love for your partner

Kissing or hugging photos are perfect to print and give away!

Valentine’s day is often associated with romance, so it’s natural to want to share your love for your partner with Valentine’s Day presents. Pick photos of the two of you kissing, hugging, or even cuddling for your Valentine’s day print.

couple kissing in front of a skyscraper



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A Valentine’s gift to take you back to your special place

A Valentine’s Day present that has meaning to both of you would be perfect. Another photo you can pick can be the two of you hanging out at a place that is special to both of you.

This is an opportunity to share memories with your Valentine and give them a gift that will take them back to a place with warm and safe feelings.

senior couple standing close and smiling toward each other



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a woman and a man having a good laugh in the woods



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A photo symbolic of love for newly parents

If Valentine’s Day is the first Valentine’s day you are celebrating as new parents then a photo of you and your newborn may be perfect. A photo like this would show your Valentine how much they mean to you that they are now a part of your family.

For many people, Valentine’s Day is symbolic of love for their spouse, so being able to give them a physical representation of this through personalizing your Valentine’s presents could be the perfect Valentine’s Day present for them.

Your wedding photos reflect the relationship you have

In case you haven’t already your wedding photos printed, Valentine’s day is the perfect time to do it! Valentine’s day is about love and what better way to show someone that you love them than with a Valentine’s day gift that reflects the relationship you have with that person.

Pregnancy photos show the strength and courage women have

If you have a wife or girlfriend who is pregnant, Valentine’s day is the perfect time to print her pregnancy photo. Pregnancy photos are a fantastic way to show your admiration for her strength and the courage she has had through this whole journey. Pregnancy photos are a sweet and sentimental Valentine’s present!

pregnant woman standing by the window in the nursery, holding her stomach



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Pregnant woman in a long dress standing in high grass, holding her stomach



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Valentine’s day isn’t exclusive for couples

Valentine’s day is all about love and isn‚Äôt exclusive to only couples. The holiday is meant for everyone, it is also open to families, groups of friends, siblings, grandparents, and so on.

Valentine‚Äôs Day can be celebrated by doing something special for someone, planning a date, or doing something together. It can also be celebrated by giving Valentine’s presents to someone you love like photo prints, Valentine cards, and Valentine teddy bears.

We want everyone to feel loved and not forgotten on the day of love.

Here are our tips on what you can give to families, groups of friends, and other people you hold dear.

senior couple hugging, three young woman posing for the camera, grandparents spending time with their grandchild. Collage of three pictures.

Give your grandparents some extra love this Valentine

This Valentine’s Day, show some love to your grandparents. Your grandparents will be happy to receive a Valentine’s Day present from their grandchild. This holiday can be another opportunity to spend time with the people you care about and who hold you dearly.

One of the best Valentine’s day presents you could give them is a picture of all the grandchildren. This picture can be framed and placed visibly in their home, where they can look at it every day and feel your love for them.

Do you want to give your best friend Valentine’s day gift they will cherish for a long time? A photo of a dear memory will be perfect for that!

Photos from a fun trip together, where you discovered new beautiful places can be a lovely photo or poster to decorate their home with. Every time seeing that photo can bring back those great memories into their mind.

If you haven’t been on a trip together, maybe you have gone to an incredible concert and have a photo of the two of you in the middle of the crowd singing along to the music. Or do you share a special interest or hobby you both love, why not print a photo when you are in the action of doing them?

When it all comes around, you know your friend the best and all the moments of you laughing and having fun are memories worth having up on the wall.

Reminisce your family’s past with a photo

This holiday is also a perfect opportunity to show your parents that you love them. Not just mother’s and father’s day, Valentine’s should be an occasion to do so as well! Take a photo of the whole family and surprise them with Valentine’s day gift!

A recent family photo can be a great Valentine’s day gift to give away. In the future, it will be a great way to reminisce about your family’s past and how it has grown over the years.

If you can find a photo from a time when you and your siblings were younger it can be a great gift to print and frame. This Valentine’s day gift can always remind them of the happy times when life was not as complicated.


Memories captured in photos are some of the wonders of the technology we have today. Decorating your home with these precious moments in life reminds us of the great times in the past, and having photos of our loved ones makes us feel less alone. 

Putting that extra effort into making a personalized gift like a photo print or poster will make your Valentine’s present feel like it’s from your heart. Your gift can serve a longer purpose than one day and be cherished for a long time.

Are you unsure if the photo you want to print is good enough quality to enlarge?

Read our guide on “How you enlarge the right image” to know which photo is good for printing.

We hope our tips have given you inspiration for how you can express your love to your family or friends during this Valentine‚Äôs season. 

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Happy Valentine’s day from Wallpoet!